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Frosted Finish
Simulates acid etch effect available in any colour shade.

Metallic Finish
A glossy finish with a sparkle effect. The glass looks like it is made from the metal.

Transparent Finish / Lacquer Finish
A vast range of colours available for the transparent look, which enables the glass to look natural with a gloss finish.

Opaque Finish / Solid Look
Available in a matt or gloss finish. The container looks like it is manufactured in the chosen colour.

'Soft Feel' Finish
Simulates velvet, rubber, plastic texture to touch.

Ultra Violet Blocking
This a clear additive applied to glass container to enhance the shelf life of the product. This may be added to lacquer and frosted finishes.

Fliptone Finish
The bottle or jar have two tones of colour in the finish but only 1 shows through at any time.

Pearlescent Finish
Gives an array of coloured finishes when viewed from different angles.

Fluorescent Finish
Paint colours are in the vibrant flourescent range eg. yellow, orange, green etc.

Luminescent Finish
This reacts with flourescent light which makes the bottle glow.

Termochromic Finish
Enables colours to change when the temperature of the container changes.

Photo Chromic Finish
Depending on the amount of light which is focused on the product it will change colour.

Stone & Terracotta Finish
Simulates other materials so that the glass container looks like it is made from it. eg stone, brick etc.

Matt finish that has metalic dusty look. Gives a textured metalic finish.

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